Possible credits (Maximum 8)

Join this wiki & create a page (3 credits)

Create your own wiki and add at least one page of content (5 credits)

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative Web site and authoring tool that allows users to easily add, remove, and edit content. Wikis are attractive because 1) Anyone (registered or unregistered, if unrestricted) can add, edit, or delete content 2) Tracking tools within wikis allow you to easily keep up on what been changed and by whom 3) Earlier versions of a page can be viewed and reinstated when needed and 4) Users in most cases do not need to know HTML in order to add and edit content.

Why do I care?

Wikipedia, the online open-community encyclopedia, is the largest and perhaps the most well known of these knowledge sharing tools. As the use of wikis has grown over the last few years, libraries all over the country have begun to use them to collaborate and share knowledge. One example within DPL is CTC's Docent Wiki.

How do I get credits - 3 credits?

  1. Click the "Join this Wiki" button on the left side of this screen
  2. Set up an account (or sign in if you happen to have one)
  3. When you have a login, add a new page to this by filling out the form below

Extra credit - Create your own Wiki - 5 credits

  1. Set up an account with Wikidot, PBWorks, or another Wiki site
  2. Create a wiki site