Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Attend a webinar and report to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd (5 credits)

What are webinars?

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. Generally webinars include audio and visual components, and can be conducted in real-time or recorded for future use. They require software such as Adobe Connect or WebEx to conduct, but normally attendees only need to download a small plugin, or nothing at all, to participate.

Why do I care?

Webinars are great opportunities to increase your learning, be it of something technical or not. There are many library-related webinars, produced by organizations such as WebJunction. There's at least one site that collects Library-related webinars. In addition, DPL is now using Adobe Connect for online learning. We are just beginning to roll out more staff training using Adobe Connect, so this is an incredibly handy tool to learn.

How do I get credits?

  1. Find a webinar that you would like to attend (at DPL or externally).
  2. Attend the webinar