Possible credits (5 maximum)

Set up an account with an online RSS aggregator service, and share something you learn from a feed (5 credits)

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a file format for delivering regularly updated content information over the web. You can find RSS feeds of practically any type of content on the web (articles, news, audio, photos, web searches, etc), and on virtually any topic that interests you.

RSS can be a powerful addition to your Personal Learning Environment because you can have content of your choosing delivered right to you with an RSS aggregator or reader. RSS readers are computer programs that organize your desired feeds for easy reading and management. Readers can be web-based (Google Reader), available for download onto your computer (Feed Reader, FeedDemon) or smartphone apps (Feedler, LiteFeeds).

Why do I care?

With RSS you have the ability to control, customize, and manage your subscriptions, and to make efficient use of the time you have for professional development and professional reading. Instead of navigating to multiple websites, the content you want can be aggregated into a centralized location, which simplifies staying up to date.

How do I get credit?

  1. Set up an account with one of the online services above (if you signed up for Google Docs, you already have a Google Reader account)
  2. Subscribe to some RSS feeds (examples below)
  3. Share something you've learned from an RSS feed a friend

RSS Feeds that may be of interest: