Personalized Search Tools

Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Create a custom search, and share your experience with other staff members through the Technology Blog on staffweb (5 credits)

What is a personalized search tool?

Google Custom Search and Rollyo are both tools that can be used to create custom search tools. These can be used to search only a collection of websites, such as specific sites that have valuable resources for health.

Why do I care?

In a world of information retrieval, a general online search often brings back way too much information, which may or may not come from reputable sources. Part of our job is to guide people to appropriate, legitimate information. We know the sources, with a personalized search tool we can limit our searches to only the resources that are deemed important.

How do I get credits?

  1. Set up a custom search using Google Custom Search or Rollyo. If using google, you can add a custom search widget to your Personalized homepages. With Rollyo you can create a custom roll.
  2. Share your results by posting a comment to the technology blog on staffweb. As a bonus, this blog post can count as one of the three required to earn extra credits in the Blogs exercise!