Welcome to DPL's Self-Directed Technology Learning Program!

What was this program?

As part of the library's staff technology training initiative, the Self-Directed Technology Learning Program is an optional program that provides the opportunity to learn about various web technologies, on your own time and at your own pace. It consists of 26 activity areas in six categories, offering an overview and resources on topics ranging from blogs to personalized search tools to online television options. These 25 activity areas provide a potential total of 134 credits, or points. To get to a list of learning opportunities, you can click on the Activities link from any page. Additionally, you can quickly find the individual activities by hovering over the categories (Communication, Collaboration, etc) at the top of any page.

This program officially ran through December 31, 2011, but the resources will be available indefinitely.

Why do I care?

Because everyone wants to learn! Also, recent staff feedback, including results from the Employee Action Committee survey and report and the fact that the staff technology training initiative has been highly ranked by the Initiative Review Committee both years under consideration, point to the reality that focused staff technology training is necessary for the Library to continue to grow as a learning organization. However, library staff's time is stretched thin, so a flexible program, which you can complete when, where, and how you want to, is a great way to bone up on current technologies. It's also a great opportunity to meet your Employee Learning and Growth (ELG) requirements.