Online TV

Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Explore Hulu or Joost, find a video and share with someone (5 credits)

What is online TV?

If you've missed an episode of your favorite program, want to see a move, or watch a real-time event live, but don't have television access, online television is an option. With high-speed Internet access you can view video from within your browser. Hulu and Joost are two of the most popular sites that provide free video on demand. These include current television series, old (ancient) TV series, special programs such as National Geographic specials, full-length movies, and genre movies.

Why do I care?

The biggest advantage to online video is that you watch what you want to watch at a time that suits you. It's convenient, it's free, and it's on demand. Not everything is available online, for free, but much is. And it does free you from the tyranny of TV schedules or the requirement of having cable.

You can personalize the site by creating an account that allows you to put items in a queue for future viewing, to see what other people are currently viewing, check lists of new additions and what is most popular, join groups with special interests or recommend items to others.

How do I get credit?

  1. Explore Hulu or Joost.
  2. Viewing something you have selected.
  3. Create a login and set up a queue of items for viewing at a later date.
  4. Share a video with someone (click "share" while watching in Hulu or Joost)