Online Scheduling

Possible credit (Maximum 5)

Set up a poll (real or pretend) using Doodle (5 credtis).

What is Doodle?

Doodle is a simple and fast tool for polling people for information, whether for a meeting time that works or what books to pick for a book club.

Why do I care?

Libraries can use Doodle for many things. As mentioned above, Doodle can be used to identify a meeting time that works for a group. This is especially helpful when staffs are working with committees made up of people from a number of organizations. Rather than emails asking which time works (and a lot of follow up responses), Doodle captures the information in one spot. Beyond meetings Doodle can be used for nearly any polling need such as what book to use for a book club, where to meet, what should be the themes for programs and more.

How do I get credit?

  1. Set up an account on Doodle
  2. Create a poll for a meeting or other choice. Ideally, this would be for something real, but if there's nothing you can think of right now, make a fake one
  3. Send the link to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd - we'll only respond if it's appropriate