Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Set up an account on Pandora, Grooveshark, or, create a playlist, and share with someone (5 credits)

What is Online Radio?

A recurring characteristic of the new web is personalization and customization. You really see this when it comes to online music. There are multiple sites that allow you to create your own "radio station" based on your music preferences. One of the most ambitious is Pandora, Internet Radio based on the Music Genome Project. The Music Genome Project has analyzed the "genes" of 10s of thousands of songs. You put in a song or artist and Pandora will build you a radio station, suggesting other artists (which you can rate by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down). Pandora will incorporate your feedback and construct accordingly.

[Grooveshark and are other sites that allow you to build personal music lists/radio stations. According to, "Every track you play will tell your profile something about what you like. It can connect you to other people who like what you like - and recommend songs from their music collections and yours, too."

All three of these have the social networking part of Web 2.0, too. When you have an account, you can recommend songs, find others who like the artists you do, and other social things.

Why do I care?

By finding songs and artists similar to your existing musical tastes, online radio stations can expose you to new music that you're more likely than not to like. DPL's customers might already be using these services, and could need help on them, but this activity is more for your personal enjoyment than professional development. Find some radio stations, and have fun!

How do I get credit?

  1. Sign up for Pandora or
  2. Create a personal station (pandora) or playlist(lastfm) (Pandora, -> click on your library, then the playlist tab).
  3. Share your station/playlist with someone (Pandora - drop-down arrow next to station, - "share" button while creating playlist).