Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Create a custom map in Google Maps (5 credits)

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a map service from Google that allows a user to view basic or custom maps (depending on your location) for a given address or location, get driving directions, see satellite images of an address or location, and even get local business information, such as location and contact information. To get an introduction to Google Maps and how to create custom maps, watch the video below.

Why do I care?

In addition to simply finding directions or looking at a satellite image of a location, users can create custom maps in Google Maps. These custom can be used to group things like favorite places (restaurants, bars, etc), or destinations on a road trip. While not exclusive to maps, one of the most common mashup applications include using data from Google Maps in combination with other sources, such as real estate listings, photo sites, and so on.

How do I get credits?

  1. Create a custom Google Map (see this page for ideas).