Google Docs

Possible credits (5 maximum)

Create a document and share a friend (5 credits)

What are Google Docs?

Google Docs allows users to word-process, work with spreadsheets, and even create slide presentations. If you are used to using Microsoft Office products such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Google Docs interface will look familiar and you will find many of the same functions. These documents are accessible anywhere there is access to the Internet, and provide for easy collaboration.

Why do I care?

There are many ways Google Docs can serve librarians and their patrons. Need to collaborate with colleagues on a slide presentation? Create it in Google Docs, give all the co-presenters editing power and voila! it doesn’t matter how far you live from one another. Have a patron who uses your public PCs for creative writing but keeps losing his portable drive? Have him save his work in Google Docs. He can then get to it from any computer with Internet access.

How do I get credits?

  1. View Google’s Google Docs tutorial video to get a deeper overview of the features of the document and spreadsheet functions.
  2. Sign up for a Google account so that you can try Google Docs.
  3. Create a basic test document, spreadsheet, or presentation. Try some of the buttons to see if they do what you expect. Save your document and share it