PDF Converters

Possible Credits (Maximum 5)

Create a PDF document using an online PDF converter and email to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd (5 credits)

What are PDF Converters?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems in the early 1990’s that preserves the look and feel of documents so that they print or appear the way they were originally intended. Most computers come with Adobe Reader, software that allows you to view PDF files, but what if you need to create a PDF? Adobe offers fee based software or a subscription service for PDF creation, but other free alternatives like PDF Online exist.

Why do I care?

If you have ever tried to open a file from a friend or co-worker, only to find you did not have the appropriate software on your computer, you may see the value of using PDF files. The PDF format ensures that fonts, graphics, hyperlinks, and information appear as you intended. Since PDF files can be opened and viewed on virtually any computer with system, the PDF format is a smart alternative for important documents sent via email or included on websites.

PDF Online is a free PDF conversion tool that allows you to convert word documents and other supported file types to a PDF that is delivered right to your email inbox. Have a PDF file that you would like to be able to edit? Convert the file to Microsoft Word, make your changes, and convert the document back into a PDF. PDF Online also allows you to create PDF’s by emailing documents via an iPhone. This could be helpful at when customers have a Microsoft Word document, but the public access computer doesn't have Microsoft Word installed on it. They won't be able to edit the document, but could create a PDF and print it out.

How do I get credits?

  • Open your browser and navigate to http://www.pdfonline.com/convert-pdf/
  • Use the Browse button on the site to locate the document on your computer you would like to convert to PDF (2 MB limit per upload)
  • Send the file to your email. (Allow approximately 15 minutes for the PDF file to arrive in your email inbox. If you only accept email from senders in your white-list, make sure that you add "moc.seigolonhcetlcb|enilnofdp#moc.seigolonhcetlcb|enilnofdp" to your white-list.)
  • Locate the file in your email, save it to your computer or open for viewing.

Colorado Libraries 2.0 created a Job Aid, Using PDF Online, which will give you step by step instructions to help you complete the discovery exercise.

Once you've created and received your document, send a copy of it, plus a paragraph describing your experience to moc.liamg|gninraellpd#moc.liamg|gninraellpd.