Possible credits (Maximum 8)

Create a new blog (not on a DPL network) (5 credits)

Post at least three times to a blog - one you created or an existing one, no more than once a day (3 credits)

What are blogs?

Think of blogs, short for “weblogs,” as an online discussion. The author posts content and the readers can read and comment on the subject. The main content of blogs is text but images, links to other websites, videos, music and audio can all be part of a blog. Blogs can be personal, more like an online diary, or they can be corporate in nature, promoting a business or organization. Some blogs focus on particular subjects such as politics, travel or librarianship.

Why do I care?

Blogs can be a quick and simple way for you to communicate with your audience whether it is personal or business. They are a great way to disseminate information about upcoming activities and to receive feedback from your audience, customers, or patrons. With well over 100 million blogs out there, there is something for everyone. Denver Public Library already has a multitude of bloggers, and staff members can contribute to our blogs with appropriate supervisor approval.

How do I get credits?

There are a multitude of blogging platforms, and you can earn both pieces of credit on any of them. If you've already set up a blog, you can claim that credit. To earn the extra credits for posting 3 times, you'll need to create new content. Here's a suggested outline:

  1. First, take a moment to plan your blog. Is this going to be a personal blog, a library blog, maybe a department blog? What kind of content do you intend to supply?
  2. Decide where the blog will live (see below for options)
  3. Add your first blog entry. Stuck for topics? Blog about your favorite book, a program at your library, or a way your library might incorporate blogging.
  4. Send the blog address to a friend or colleague asking them to read your first blog entry and to post a comment on the blog. (5 credits)

Extra credit (3 credits)

  1. Determine a blog that you would like to contribute to (if you didn't create one above). See below for staff blogs, or use a different existing one if that's an option.
  2. Post at least three times, on three different days

Blog options:

  • DPL public blogs - contact supervisor for approval, then work with Stacey Watson to set up an account
  • DPL staffweb blogs - contact Todd Darnell to set up an account
  • Blogger
    • Go to and take the Quick Tour to learn the basics.
    • Go back to the home page and click on Get Started to create an account.
    • Follow the instructions and set up your first blog
  • Any other blog service you like