Welcome to your Denver Public Library's Online Learning Zone

**Please note: the Staff Tech Training Committee was only monitoring this program in 2011. The resources here are still great, and we encourage you to follow through with them, but we will no longer be recording credits. However, we have an updated version running July-December 2013. **

This is a space for all of us to learn more about the various web technologies that our customers and colleagues are using. Let's jump into the 21st Century! To get started, head to the OVERVIEW and find out what this program is all about. From there, start digging into the activities. Learn, but more importantly, have fun!

Much of the content included in this program is heavily borrowed from other programs developed for libraries. Gratitude is owed to Colorado Libraries 2.0, More Things on a Stick, and PLCMC's Learning 2.0. Thanks so much to all who participated in those - they are great frameworks to build upon.

You can get started with any of these technologies, but the Staff Technology Training Committee has identified a handful that we find most useful. We recommend starting with the following:

Thanks, and enjoy!

DPL Staff Technology Training Committee:
Zeth Lietzau, Sean Cowans, Kit Cusker, Bruce Hanson, Sandra Smith, Tracy Treece